Octel Amlwch people and photographs

Octel Works Managers
Cliff Rees                      1953-1955

Octel Amlwch people
Stan Doble                    1955-1967
John Kennerley             1967 to Jan 1970
Arthur Fairhurst             Jan 1970 to Sept 1973

Arthur Fairhurst
John Fogarty                 Sept 1973 to early 1978
Mike Lord                       Early 1978 to April 1983
Fred Watson April                       1983 Nov 1985

Dr Bob Young                March 1986 to June 1997


Graham Hewitt              Aug 1983 to March 1986

Great Lakes (Europe) Works Managers
Mike Bick
Brian Macconnachie


Octel Works Engineers
Jim Bushell                    Up to April 1964 (Ex Hayle)
Tom Truss                     May 1965 to 1985
Ben Sealey                    1985 to 1997
Bruce Gibson                 1997 to 2004

Works Staff

WillMorris1961 001

JohnWilliams 001

ChlorineTankerDischarge 001

AmlwchWorksCouncil1956 001Amlwch Work’s Council 1956

(Can you name them?)

AmlwchPersonnel1968 001

Amlwch personnel 1979

(Can you name them?)

AmlwchLongService1982 001

AmlwchDartathom1986 001

AlecBeech1968 with Cliff Rees and JohnKennerly

Alec Beech with Clive Rees (Right) and John Kennerly

TrenNewydd 001

Tren Newydd

Walker Greaves Octel MD signing BR agreement outside Amlwch main gate 6/6/1978

Walker Greaves Octel MD signing Brtish Rail agreement outside Amlwch main gate 6/6/1978


Do you know when this picture near the sulpur store was taken or for what occasion?

An open day perhaps? Can you name any of them?

Please get in touch if you know!


Octel Sea Fishing Club 1985

Left to right,Stewart Bates, John Huw Williams (glasses), John Davies (white jumper), Alun Hughes, David O’ Hare, Bob Bates,??

 Phil O’ Hare, Dave Livingstone and the one with the trophy is Shan Bates, Tony Bates


Tom came to Amlwch from the Potteries whilst construction was in progress, so the early 50s, employed as a fitter.  Later a maintenance foreman and by 1978, Maintenance Superintendent.