The main chemical processes at Amlwch are described here. More information is available from the drop down menu. Much of the information on this part of the site has been collected from an operating manual which was produced for Shift Process Managers in 2003. At that time the plant operated a shift system with 5 teams of around 10 men working 12 hour shifts, 365 days a year. This was a change from the traditional 8 hour shift system which had been operation at the site up until that time.

The shift team were supported by around 6 Day Process staff who’s main function was in drumming and transporting of goods, loading of tankers and general process operations. There was a¬†maintenance crew of around 20 mainly fitters,¬†electricians and instrument engineers. The site also had around 30 support staff and Managers and Engineers. When the site closed in 2005 it employed around 100 people. The main processing buildings of the site are indicated below.