Day process

The Day process operators are under the direction of the Day Services Supervisor. This supervisor reports directly to the Process Manager (Bromine). The main function of the group is to load products into drums and bulk containers. There are also used to assist process and maintenance with other activities like tank cleaning and assistance to craftsman during major shut downs

Normally the only interaction between the SPM and day services section is for the SPM to check that adequate material is being removed from stock tanks to allow continuous operation. The Day Services Supervisor and SPM should check the expected loading sheet for the following few days before making a decision on how much material should be removed. This is particularly important for the HBr and DBM plant products,

The day services section are responsible for all bromine loading during normal weekdays. An arrangement exits for all bromine tankers which arrive on site before 15:30 to be filled by a day services loader staying on to complete the task. Bromine tankers which arrive after 15:30 can be filled by shift operators. Current agreements limit the number of bromine tankers to be filled by Shift operators to one per shift.


Day process loading bromine tanker

Some customers have special requirements during loading. These include pre-loading pressure tests or special sealing arrangements.

Day services operators are also responsible for loading of DBE tankers. In a similar manner to bromine loading , DBE tankers which do not return until after 15:30 can be loaded by Shift Operators. Current agreements limit the number of DBE tankers to be loaded by Shift Operators to two per shift or one DBE and one Bromine tanker.

Most DBE is loaded into Road tankers for delivery to Octel at Ellesmere Port or to the storage system at GATX. These tankers are loaded with 21 tonnes. One customer , Agrevo , will only accept DBE tankers with a maximum of 18 tonnes net weight. To ensure that this maximum load limit is not exceeded DBE tankers are weighed at the gate house. The Gateman must then inform the Day Services Supervisor or SPM of the tanker destination and net weight before the tanker is authorised to leave.

The discharging of BLR tankers is normally a Shift Operator’s responsibility. However in times of higher than normal HBr operator activity the Day Services Supervisor can be asked , by the SPM , for assistance in tanker discharge.