Information Technology

The plant has an on site IT technician who is responsible for the upkeep of the IT systems.

The site is covered with an optic fibre network which connects most of the offices from the gate house via the administration buildings to the process control rooms. The central hub of the network is a cubicle situated in the process records store in the process lab building.

The site has three file servers. One is dedicated to the old Octel legacy systems this will gradually become redundant as we move to a new server for the Great lakes Linx system. A third server will be a dedicated application’s server for Maximo and an instrument design package.

A CAD station is also available and drawings can be viewed or printed out

The main operating systems are a mixed of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. The aim is to migrate to Windows 95. Microsoft office suite is installed for word processing , spread sheet and database functions. The e-mail system is Groupwise.

Management of financial and stock controls use the SAP system. This is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. Initially process sales, stock and purchasing will be implemented, along with financial , distribution and quality control. The system will later be expanded to cover maintenance and stores items. It is possible that a Human Resources function will be added later.

The SAP is one part of GLCC Linx system. This is a world wide integrated computer system. It allows access to the Internet via a Proxy server in the USA. The server acts as a gateway for external e-mail.

The whole of the Linx system at Amlwch from file servers to UPS systems and individual PCs are continually monitored by IBM operations in North Carolina.

A European help desk is also available.

A major revamp of the site telephone system is due. The new system will be a combined data and voice system to be implemented over the site’s fibre optic cable. Voice mail will be available.