Octel Amlwch transport

The transport of raw materials to the site and final products from the site was essential.

Solid sulphur was carried by rail from Mostyn docks until it was eventually replaced by liquid sulphur in road tankers.

Octel Transport

Sulphur train 1984


delivering sulpur at amlwch

Sulphur Road tanker 1995

In the same way the transport of Chlorine and EDB in rail tankers was eventually replaced with road tankers.

amlwch 1984

Chlorine train 1984


Chlorine road tanker

Ethylene was always carried by road.

ethylene 1965

Ethylene 1965

While Bromine could be carried by Isomodules on road or rail transport.

Br container

Bromine road demountable


Br2 pots by rail

7.5te pots by rail

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